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We are fans of good independent bookstores, places where the staff can not only find you the book for which you are looking, but possess in-depth knowledge and passion for particular tomes within their inventory.

Periodically, the Twin Rocks Team will present to you their personal treasures. We are surrounded by beautiful artwork every day. This exercise made us pause and take stock by asking the simple question, "What do I really like?" We hope you will enjoy this very personal take on the artwork of Twin Rocks Trading Post.

Tina Finch

Lalana and Tina
Tina, brings a sense of fun and love of music. She hails from the South, but the red dirt has gotten under her skin and she is busy soaking in the art and culture of the area. We are fortunate to have such a hard working and positive force helping us at Twin Rocks.
1950s Royston Turquoise Sunburst Bracelet
Navajo Jewelry
1950's Sterling Silver Sunburst Design Bracelet
set with Natural, Gem Grade Royston Turquoise

Size - 6 7/8
Inner Circumference - 5 5/8"
Opening - 1 1/4"
Twin Rocks Private Reserve

"This bracelet calls to me. I love the history surrounding the piece, I love the Royston Turquoise stones and the fact that they don't have any wear on them even though the bracelet is over 50 years old. Wearing this bracelet feels like wearing something out of a time capsule. "

Navajo Jewelry
1970's Natural Gem Grade
Morenci Turquoise Cluster Ring

Size - 8 1/2
Face - 2 3/4" tall x 1 1/4" wide
Twin Rocks Private Reserve

"I love Morenci turqouise! Not only is this cluster ring set with Morenci turquoise, it's really killer Morenci turquoise. It's a huge ring filled with these little cabochons of Gem Grade Morenci that really pops with that sky blue turquoise color.
1970s Morenci Turquoise Cluster Ring

Priscilla Sagg

Priscilla is the sanity within our insane asylum. She has been at this trading post from the very beginning. She is more family than even she cares to admit. A master rug weaver in her own right, Priscilla brings a level of excellence to everything she does.
Priscilla Sagg
1920s Navajo Ingot Silver & Turquoise Bracelet
Navajo Jewelry
1920s Ingot Silver and Mixed
Natural Turquoise Floral Design bracelet

Size - 6 1/2
Inner Circumference - 5 1/2"
Opening - 1"
Largest Stone - 7/8" tall x 1/2" wide
Twin Rocks Private Reserve

"This is a really old bracelet, I like how you can see the stress on the silver where the silversmith actually shaped the silver with a hammer."
Navajo Jewelry
1950s Handmade Sterling Silver
& Natural Kingman Turquoise Brooch

3 1/2" Diameter
Largest Stone - 3/8" diameter
Twin Rocks Private Reserve

"When I view this large, finely crafted brooch I think of my grandmother and her clothing adorned with silver coin buttons and turquoise jewelry."

Barry Simpson

Barry Simpson
Barry is half of the infamous Simpson Brother Team. Years ago as a teenager, Barry started taking care of business in the family's trading post in Blanding. He brings a deep love and understanding of high quality stones and a sense of history of the Navajo people in general and the local artists in particular.

Turquoise Jewelry
1950's Handmade Navajo or Zuni Turquoise Cluster Pin
1 3/4" diameter
Twin Rocks Private Reserve

"I can't even begin to count the number of brooches I have seen pinned onto velveteen blouses under fantastically weathered Navajo faces in my time. Pins such as this have graced the traditional clothing of The People since silver jewelry was introduced by early American and Spanish settlers. With such character pieces as this, I am captured by the essence, tradition and individuality. This pin spawns memories of a simpler more impressionable and magical time in my life as I became educated to the native people of the high desert southwest.""

Navajo Jewelry
1960's Handmade Heavy Gauge
Silver Bracelet with Gem Grade Natural Bisbee Turquoise

Size - 6 1/4
Inner Circumference - 5 1/8"
Opening - 1 1/8"
Twin Rocks Private Reserve

"When I was just starting in this business, I was taught what I consider the most important and interesting lessons on the art, by the artists themselves. One of those lessons was: "If it is not substantial it is not Navajo jewelry." An over simplified statement but meaningful as well. The old people believe that to be of worth, a piece of jewelry must be able to stand up to everyday wear and tear. This bracelet can and will outlast several owners due to the fact that it is substantial and well made. Because it is set with seven totally awesome natural Bisbee stones does not hurt either. Beauty, durability and tradition abound in this classic piece of jewelry."

Steve Simpson
Steve Simpson
The other half of the Dynamic Duo, Steve possesses a history of the local people mixed with extensive training and work which took him away from this little corner of Utah for many years. Returning eighteen years ago to open and run Twin Rocks Trading Post, Steve brings a commitment to excellence which permeates the business and inspires his artistic choices.

Santo Domingo Jewelry
1980's Handcut and Handstrung
Natural Kingman Turquoise Bead Necklace

20" long
Twin Rocks Private Reserve

"Natural Kingman turquoise beads like these are becoming more and more rare. I am afraid that before long these will become completely unknown."

Navajo Jewelry
1960's Navajo Cluster Bracelet with
Natural Gem Grade Kingman Turquoise

Size - 6 1/2
Inner Circumference - 5 1/4"
Opening - 1 1/4"
Face Diameter - 3"
Twin Rocks Private Reserve

"I guess it is the romance of days gone by that attract me to cluster bracelets like this. When I was a young man, these bracelets were on the wrists of virtually all Navajo women. Any more, it is rare indeed to see bracelets like this. "
1960s Kingman Turquoise Cluster Bracelet

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