Six Directional Fetish Set, various Zuni artists (#01)

Six Directional Fetish Set, various Zuni artists
Six Directional Fetish Set, various Zuni artists
Six Directional Fetish Set, various Zuni artists

Six Directional Fetish Set, various Zuni artists (#01)


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2" to 3"

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The Zuni people believe that the less animate an object, the closer to the spirit world it is. Add the shape of a sacred animal and you have a direct link to the powers that be. This mixed group of Zuni Fetishes will have you guarded and protected from every angle imaginable. The Black Marble Mountain Lion by Keric Laiwakete guards the north. The Alabaster Bear by Randy Lucio guards the West. The Serpentine Badger by Corwin Yamutewa guards the South. The brown Obsidian Wolf by Emery Boone guards the east. The Picasso Marble Eagle by Arvella Cheama guards the upper dimension or the sky world. The Serpentine Mole by Debra Gasper guards the lower regions below the earth.

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Of all birds in Native American mythology, the eagle is the most important as symbol, sacrificial / ceremonial presence, and ultimate predator/ warrior. The solitary mystery and power of the eagle as perceived by the Indian was immediately grasped by the emerging nation of the United States, and "borrowed" for its logo. More about this legend


One day soon thereafter, while the elders were having a ceremony for a boy and a girl who had both come of age, the people saw the sky swooping down. It seemed to want to embrace the earth. And they saw the earth likewise looming up as if to meet the sky. For a moment they came in contact. The sky touched the earth and the earth touched the sky. And just then, at exactly the spot where the sky and the earth had met, Ma'ii the Coyote sprung out of the ground. And Nahashch'id the Badger sprung out of the ground. It is our belief that Ma'ii the Coyote and Nahashch'id the Badger are children of the sky. Coyote came forth first, which leads us to suppose that he is Badger's older brother. Nahashch'id the Badger began sniffing around the top of the hole that led down to the lower world. He finally disappeared into it and was not seen again for a long time. Ma'ii the Coyote chose to stay among the Surface People.

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The bear was the next chief to be called. He was given a name but he was not satisfied. He became so angry that First Man used the word "shash" to quiet him. The bear repeated it four times, and he said that it had a strange sound, and when one said it aloud one had and awesome feeling. So he went off well content that "shash" should be his name.

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