Multistone Inlay Bracelet by Jimmie Poyer (#96)

Multistone Inlay Bracelet by Jimmie Poyer
Multistone Inlay Bracelet by Jimmie Poyer
Multistone Inlay Bracelet by Jimmie Poyer

Multistone Inlay Bracelet by Jimmie Poyer (#96)


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5 1/2" with 1 1/4" opening

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With this bracelet, Navajo silversmith Jimmy Poyer has elected to present a clean and simple jewelry design to set off these "precious stones." To the Navajo people, turquoise, spiny oyster, jet, and lapis lazuli are considered precious. Combined with Jimmy's elemental impressions, they are just that. Jimmy also sends a bit of a message worked into this bracelet. Within the design are silver spots to represent stars in the night sky. “Something to help us find our way through the dark,” says Jimmy with a wink and a grin.

About the artist:

Jimmy Poyer

Jimmy Poyer was born in 1954 in a hogan near where Mexican Water is now in Northeast Arizona.  At that time the closest store was the the old Teec Nos Pos Trading Post.  He went to Teec Nos POs boarding school until 5th grade then attended Shiprock schools until he graduated in 1973.

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Turquoise; Precious stones have symbolic implications. For example, turquoise if a "collective term for all the precious stones, wealth, or mixed offerings. Good fortune is attributed to this stone." Both white shell and turquoise are emphasized in Kinaalda? More about this legend

Silversmith Work

When and how the Navajo acquired the art of working metals is unknown but there are reasons for supposing that it was introduced among them, or at least more developed and improved upon by them, since the time they have occupied their present country?

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