Hopi Hilili Kachina Basket, unknown artist (#22)

11 1/2"


This Hopi basket, circa 1970s, was created by an unknown artist, and is made of mo:’vi (Yucca) with aniline dyes. This style is a specialty of Second Mesa. The design reflects the Hilili Kachina, which is believed to be from the Zuni Tribe. In the Acoma and Laguna pueblos, he is known as Heleleka. His name comes from the call or noise that he makes. When he first came to the Hopi people, they were very suspicious of him. Hilili was known as Powak or the Witch Kachina. Now, he is a Guard Kachina, who is mainly seen holding Yucca whips. He has become a popular guard at the ceremonies due to his dancing style. He can be seen in the Powamu and Night dances.