Horse Basket with Yei by Lorraine Black (#266)

Horse Basket with Yei by Lorraine Black
Horse Basket with Yei by Lorraine Black
Horse Basket with Yei by Lorraine Black

Horse Basket with Yei by Lorraine Black (#266)

Signature of Navajo Basket Weaver Lorraine Black


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15 1/2"

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Lorraine Black is Navajo through and through. She embraces life, weaving baskets and her culture with a fiery passion. Because Lorraine was born and raised traditionally in the heart of Monument Valley, she has a deep and abiding love of the Navajo creation stories and weaves them into her art at every opportunity. This basket was woven in the 1980s and lived in Farmington, New Mexico, with an avid collector, for the last 30+ years. Lorraine’s basket contains images of the ceremonial basket design tipped with wild horses, a Rainbow Yei to guard and protect her imagery, and rain clouds to provide much needed moisture. The basket also shows a beautiful golden patina, a kiss of sunlight, that gives it a warm rich glow of color.

About the artist:

Navajo Basket Artist Lorraine Black

Inspired by dreams, Lorraine Black's skills have literally elevated basket weaving to new dimensions. Lorraine Black's infectious laugh belies the serious magic her hands conjure up when weaving a basket. Unprecedented in her ideas, Lorraine's baskets are innovative and beautiful. Many of them make good use of texture through over-stitching and the addition of objects such as flint arrowheads or horsehair.

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