Red Mesa Tapestry by Ruby Coggeshell (#61)

Red Mesa Tapestry by Ruby Coggeshell
Red Mesa Tapestry by Ruby Coggeshell
Red Mesa Tapestry by Ruby Coggeshell

Red Mesa Tapestry by Ruby Coggeshell (#61)

Signature of Navajo Rug Weaver Ruby Coggeshell


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34" x 26"

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Before treading upon the primitive mesas and monuments of Red Mesa, the Hero Twins had never been bested. That, however, was before they ran into one of the most magnificent of all entities, the female. Not knowing what he was getting into, Monster Slayer attempted to destroy what he interpreted as a foe. He took a terrible licking, and barely made it home to his mama. When her son retold the tale of his thrashing, his mother laughed out loud. "What you have encountered my son is that which cannot be defeated; female energy." That was exactly what Ruby Coggeshell depicted when she wove her Red Mesa rug. She too gets a kick out of the story. As with Changing Woman, it makes her laugh to think about such an impossible undertaking.

About the artist:

Navajo Rug Weaver Ruby Coggeshell

When Ruby Coggeshell was a small child she would sit and watch with fascination as her mother wove intricate and colorful Red Mesa Style rugs. She also watched her two aunts and their daughters. As she watched their strong hands working the wool she would ask questions. "I've always liked to listen to the stories," she says, "About when they were young, what it was like. I always asked questions. They usually would tell me."

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