Snake Dance Basket by Lorraine Black (#265)

Snake Dance Basket by Lorraine Black
Snake Dance Basket by Lorraine Black
Snake Dance Basket by Lorraine Black

Snake Dance Basket by Lorraine Black (#265)

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Navajo artist Lorraine Yazzie Black is one of those rare individuals that has the ability to weave a basket of amazing beauty and creativity. With this weaving, Lorraine has taken elements from several different traditional Navajo ceremonies and stitched them into a striking circular storyboard. This weaving is adorned with an Emergence center, referencing the awakening of the Navajo conscientiousness. Snakes, which are exceptionally powerful beings and because of their cantankerous nature and potent bite, are associated with lightning. Rainbow spots also adorn Lorraine’s basket as do the Yei-be-chei, who are the essence of Navajo help and healing deity. An interesting addition to this weaving is the overstitch design Lorraine is famous for and tiny baskets in the hands of the Holy People that adds depth and dimension. This weaving is, assuredly, of an extremely high quality and collectability.

About the artist:

Navajo Basket Artist Lorraine Black

Inspired by dreams, Lorraine Black's skills have literally elevated basket weaving to new dimensions. Lorraine Black's infectious laugh belies the serious magic her hands conjure up when weaving a basket. Unprecedented in her ideas, Lorraine's baskets are innovative and beautiful. Many of them make good use of texture through over-stitching and the addition of objects such as flint arrowheads or horsehair.

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