Large Yei Vase by Kenneth White (#24)

Large Yei Vase by Kenneth White
Large Yei Vase by Kenneth White
Large Yei Vase by Kenneth White

Large Yei Vase by Kenneth White (#24)


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Kenneth White has created an unusually large and impressive version of the Navajo Yei vase. He dug the clay and built the pot using the coil method of building up row after row of clay to form the vessel. He then smoothed and polished the pot before incising images of Navajo deities, sacred corn, prayer feathers, and Holy People. His ceramics are then fired in a kiln dug into the ground and fueled with wood and dried sheep dung. Such a thing of beauty comes from the most basic elements, which are transformed in the hands of a skilled craftsman.

About the artist:

Kenneth & Irene White KENNETH & IRENE WHITE : Navajo Pottery
Kenneth & Irene are a husband and wife team who live on the Northern Arizona portion of the Navajo Reservation. They have developed a unique style of pottery using a blend of traditional and contemporary techniques. The pottery is formed using the coil method, where coils of clay are built layer upon layer to form the bowl shape. Once the rounded bowl shape is achieved, it is smoothed and allowed to dry. After the piece is dried it is carved, painted and fired. Lastly, the pots are sealed using a traditional coating of pine pitch. See full biography | See all items by Kenneth & Irene White

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