Butterfly Basket by Angelina Holiday (#12)

15" x 17"


Angelina Holiday is the daughter of Elsie Stone and Peter Holiday. Peter is the younger brother of Mary Holiday Black, and Elsie is the daughter of Navajo medicine man Robert June Blackhorse and Betty Stone. When Elsie married Peter, Mary and her daughters Sally and Lorraine taught Elsie how to weave. Elsie is now considered a master weaver in her own right and is teaching Angelina the fine art of Navajo basketry. To the Navajo, the Butterfly represents a rebirth and emergence into a life of harmony and beauty, the path of perfection. What better choice of subject matter could Angelina have chosen to proceed with this new and challenging endeavor?

Angelina Holiday

Following closely in the footsteps of her accomplished and well recognized mother, Angelina Holiday has begun weaving contemporary basketry using the single-rod technique and her mother's innovative designs. Although Angelina is only getting started in her weaving career, she shows the promise of a good student nurtured by a patient but exacting instructor. We think she has a great future.
Angelina is the daughter of Elsie Stone Holiday