No. 8 Turquoise Heavy Wire Cuff Bracelet by Harry Morgan (#03)

5" with 1 1/8" opening


The #8 turquoise mine is one of the most recognized of all turquoise deposits, and Harry Morgan is one of the most recognized of Navajo silversmiths.  Sadly, both Harry and the #8 mine are no longer producing.  Harry succumbed to diabetes several years ago, and the mine just ran out of turquoise.  Both artist and mine have left behind a legacy by way of the quality of workmanship Harry crafted and the character of turquoise the mine produced.  These two legends of the past come together beautifully with Harry's heavy-duty and well-made bracelet and the natural, high-grade turquoise it contains.

Harry Morgan

Harry Morgan is known and respected as one of the most outstanding Native American jewelers.

Born and raised on the Navajo reservation in Arizona, Harry began casing jewelry at age 7, for 75 cents to a dollar, enough for bubble gum, a soda pop, 5 suckers and a Boston Pie. He began silver smithing at the age of 12 and professionally as a silver and goldsmith since l965. Upon graduating from Gallup High School, Harry received a 4-year scholarship from the Navajo Tribe to study Engineering, but school no longer interested him--being a rodeo cowboy was his next dream. As the popularity of the sport continued, Harry met his certain levels of satisfaction and wanted to experiment with jewelry.

While at his workbench Harry will find a special piece of turquoise lying in a box with many more he has had for at least 20 years. Until he has an idea for that specific piece of turquoise, he will hold onto it.

 The lifelong vision of Navajo Harry Morgan is to continue to grow in his jewelry and lifestyles of his heritage. Family is Harry's biggest challenges and success--"knowing that his family is happy, healthy and working hard is success within itself." "Family above all is what is important to me, he says." It is important to him that his children achieve their dreams and hope that when they come to the point in their life of deciding what they want to do--they will choose something they love. Coming from a very traditional background, Harry is very happy with being a silversmith--he loves what he does. Working with silver brings him great joy! Harry Morgan possesses a great talent and will continue ti rise up as one of the greatest silversmiths--creating jewelry that conveys detail and the purest classic quality!

Harry lived near Gallup, New Mexico, where he grew up, and passed on in spring, 2008.  He won awards at nearIy every major Indian art show, and he was a wonderful person.