Horned Toad Bolo with Turquoise and Coral by Ben Yazzie, Jr. (#7)

19" length; Toad 2" x 3"


To the Navajo, Horned Toad is called Chei or Grandfather. He is a kind and benevolent being who wears/protects the flint armor gifted the Hero Twins by their father, the Sun. Horned Toad is made up of arrowheads, his head, body, and scales are of knapped flint. With his breath, Horned Toad flakes arrowheads and leaves them around on the ground. When found, the points act as talismans which allow protection from harmful natural and supernatural sources. With outstanding skill, Ben Yazzie has hand-formed, filed, soldered, scribed, and finished this sterling silver and Sleeping Beauty turquoise into an incredible example of the silversmithing art.