Turquoise Mountain Bracelet by Verdy Jake (#46)

4 1/2" with 7/8" opening


Verdy Jake is the real deal! She is a Navajo silversmith trained in the classic style who adores great turquoise. When Verdy came upon this suite of high-grade and natural Turquoise Mountain turquoise from Arizona, she fell in love. Wanting only to “let the stones speak for themselves,” Verdy kept the perfectly constructed setting clean and simple. The result is this collector’s quality bracelet meant to adorn only the most worthy of wrists.

Verdy Jake

The jewelry created by Navajo silversmith Verdy Jake reflects Southwest jewelry classicism at its best.  Showcasing high quality turquoise and coral with substantial silver work, she intuits a perfect balance between precious metal and precious stone.

Verdy was raised in a family of thirteen children.  Fortunately her oldest brother became interested in silversmithing and shared his talents with his younger brothers and sisters.  

Now residing in Smith Lake, New Mexico, Verdy supports a family of four children with her amazing jewelry skills.  Her family benefits from her evolution into a highly skilled contemporary artisan while the rest of us benefit from the beauty she fashions at her jewelry bench.

Barry Simpson shares these thoughts about Verdy's work:

"Old style Navajo jewelry greatly appeals to me.  Verdy Jake has the skills to represent the look and feel of antique Indian jewelry as it would appear on the weathered, textured hand or wrist of one of our elderly native friends.  Her jewelry looks good and feels right.  Verdy has exquisite taste in stones. . . .With silver smithing tools her grandfather used in his youth, Verdy creates jewelry that exemplifies the American Indian Southwest".