Skyline Turquoise Choker by Ray Lovato (#156)

Skyline Turquoise Choker by Ray Lovato
Skyline Turquoise Choker by Ray Lovato
Skyline Turquoise Choker by Ray Lovato

Skyline Turquoise Choker by Ray Lovato (#156)


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17 1/2"

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When asked where he gets his turquoise, Ray just smiles, wags his finger, and says, “From old friends.” Whoever those “Old Friends” are, Ray comes up with a wide variety of rare and uncommonly fine turquoise. This particular stone is from the Skyline turquoise mine (aka, Old Rufa or Rufan mine) from Lander County, Nevada. The Skyline mine was a small and seemingly insignificant mine that didn’t produce much high-grade material. Somehow Ray discovered some that has superior color, hardness, and durability. “Every turquoise mine has small amounts of great, high-quality, and natural turquoise,” says Ray. “You just have to know where to look.”

About the artist:

Ray Lovato

The gift of humor is a blessing to those who have it, and to those of us exposed to the comic. From an early age, Steve and I have been blessed with the humor of Santa Domingo artist Ray Lovato. Not only does Ray create exceptional jewelry, he does it with wit and comedy. He always has an aura of happiness around him, and this attitude seems to spread, like a California fog, to those who know him. In addition to his artistic talents, Ray is also a gifted salesman. When he pulls up in front of the trading post we know that there is a good possibility that we will soon be parting company with our available cash.

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