Modified Ceremonial Basket (Tsiiyeel Design) by Fannie King (#94)

Modified Ceremonial Basket (Tsiiyeel Design)
15 1/2"


Fannie King weaves some of the cleanest and most lively baskets of this day; her weave is smooth and even, and her patterns crisp and clean. This particular design was inspired by the ceremonial basket and the Navajo Tsiiyéél, the traditional method of wrapping one's hair. To the Dineh, hair represents memory and is also believed to effect weather conditions. To cut it is to cause memory lapse and possibly drought. Long and luxurious hair is washed with yucca root shampoo and brushed with a bundle of stiff grass. It is then wrapped with wool yarn in an elaborate bun to form the Tsiiyéél. For the Navajo, tending each other's hair is an expression of love and honors age-old tradition.