Navajo Basket "Four Sacred Plants" by Joann Johnson (#123)

Navajo Basket
Navajo Basket
Navajo Basket
Navajo Basket

Navajo Basket

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Navajo Basket "Four Sacred Plants"

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This basket was designed by Navajo graphic artist Damian Jim.  Damian's inspiration was the Four Sacred Plants - corn, beans, squash and mountain tobacco.  The Four Sacred Plants are assigned to the cardinal points and amongst the Navajo people, corn is the plant of the north and beans of the east. This means that both are male and as such are grown for edible seeds. Squash is the plant of the south and is female. Tobacco, which the Navajos put on the west, is female because it is used to make smoke which is blown out with the breath, and that is a female characteristic. Showing the plant’s roots signifies they still have their home in the lower world.  Master weaver, Joann Johnson brought Damian's design to life over ten years ago.  It was sold originally in 2005 and has spent its time in a collection in New York state.  The collection is now being dispersed and we were lucky enough to be called upon to help find this exceptional Sacred Plants basket a new home. 

About the artist:

Navajo Basket Weaver Joann Johnson

A fourth generation Navajo basket weaver, Joann Johnson has a passionate awareness of her heritage and history. Born and raised in Monument Valley, she has spent her life in the Navajo heartland, surrounded by the sacred mountains and monuments that tell the stories of her people's past.

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