Navajo Classic Serape by Betty Joe (#05)

Navajo Classic Serape by Betty Joe
44" x 70"


Betty Joe is from Cove, Arizona, which she insists is an amazing place to reside.  The Cove community enjoys a rich fabric of valley and woodland areas along with red rock spires and mesas that allow a long distance glimpse of three other states; Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. Cove is an area of unique natural beauty, and the people who live there cherish their rural existence.  Betty wove this classic serape design with Hubbell style crosses, stepped diamonds and multi-colored feathers.  All weft yarn is single-ply Navajo Churro sheep wool. The warp is strong 2-ply mill spun wool.  The white is natural, while all other colors are aniline dyed.  Betty’s weaving is as outlandishly incredible as the area in which she lives.