Stone Mountain Turquoise bracelet by Eugene Livingston (#145)

Stone Mountain Turquoise Cluster Bracelet
Total inner circumference 6 3/8"
Opening 1 1/4"


The Stone Mountain turquoise mine is located on the western side of Nevada in Lyon County. The first explorers that visited the area had to battle the elements. The lack of water and food with almost no shelter, made exploration dangerous and short lived. Even today, careful planning is necessary when venturing into the region. The summers are intolerably hot and the winters are extremely cold and foreboding.  It is lucky for us that Canyon Cassidy takes it upon himself to trek into the wilderness and search out this wonderful turquoise.  Stone Mountain turquoise is quickly becoming known for its beauty, rarity and durability.  Navajo jeweler Eugene Livingston has been recognized as a high quality artist for decades. He believes Stone Mountain turquoise is some of the best he has ever handled.  Isn't it great when two such amazing situations come together and an incredible work of wearable art, like this distinctive bracelet, comes into being.

Eugene Livingston

Eugene is one of those rare artists who has mastered not just one or two methods, but a myriad of jewelry techniques. As a young man, he trained under other talented silversmiths After many decades of steady work, Eugene is skilled at metal fabrication, casting, making his own silver ingots, and most importantly for his work, the ability to cut stones. In his work below, you will see beautiful cut teardrop and pyramid cut Sleeping Beauty turquoise and coral. His two newest pieces with Carico Lake turquoise demonstrate his mastery of silver stamp work.

When discussing his work, Eugene talks about commitment. This theme comes up again and again with various artists with whom I have spoken. Eugene dedicated himself to his artwork and when you see him work, you truly realize the depth of his experience. He works as if he were breathing, naturally and seemingly effortlessly. We are fortunate to have such a skilled artist close by and hope you enjoy his classic creations.