Hopi Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Eternity Symbol Bracelet - Kee Yazzie (#56)

Hopi Jewelry
Inner Circumference: 5 1/2"
Opening: 1"
Total: 6 1/2"
Width: 1 1/8"

Several layers of heavy-duty sterling silver plate make-up this artsy bracelet by Navajo artist Kee Yazzie Jr.  With much hoopla about silver and gold-smithing, Kee has constructed a bracelet for the centuries.  To wear this arm band out would take a highly concentrated effort indeed.  With a torch, a dimpling hammer and a genius for design and creativity, Kee has placed hand, goat and duality symbols in a cuff for all to admire and appreciate.  To wrap this bracelet about your wrist is to experience a cleverness of imagination and a bold depiction of ancient imagery.