Santo Domingo Lone Mountain Turquoise 3 Strand Necklace - Ray Lovato (#110)

Santo Domingo Lone Mountain Turquoise 3 Strand Necklace - Ray Lovato (#110)
Santo Domingo Lone Mountain Turquoise 3 Strand Necklace - Ray Lovato (#110)
Santo Domingo Lone Mountain Turquoise 3 Strand Necklace - Ray Lovato (#110)

Santo Domingo Lone Mountain Turquoise 3 Strand Necklace - Ray Lovato (#110)


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Southwest Jewelry

This magnificent three strand bead necklace was created by master lapidary artist Ray Lovato, and is cut from high-grade, natural, sky blue Lone Mountain turquoise. Lone Mountain is a hard, durable turquoise that has always been noted for holding its color. Among all “classic” Southwestern turquoise, only Lander Blue is considered more valuable. The Lone Mountain mine consists of a series of haphazard tunnels dug by miners chasing valuable veins. The mine was claimed by Lee Hand in 1920, first as the Blue Jay Mining Lode and later as Lone Mountain. In the 1960s, Lone Mountain was converted to a small open pit operations by Menliss Winfield, and to this day continues to be mined in that fashion. In 1979 Gene Waddell purchased the claim with the King family of Austin, Texas and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Gene has had several partners over the years, but the property has only been mined six of the last 28 years. Ray discovered this turquoise in a private collection and talked the owner into letting him purchase the stash. This necklace is a turquoise treasure if ever there was one.

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Lone Mountain Turquoise

The Lone Mountain turquoise mine is located near Tonapah, in Esmeralda County, Nevada.  Since it is known for producing a high percentage of gem-grade turquoise, it is often referred to as a "sweet heart" mine.  Originally established in 1920 by Lee Hand, the claim was initially called the Blue Jay Mining Lode.  Later, after noting that so many other mines had been named Blue Jay, Hand changed its name to Lone Mountain.

In 1927, at a depth of about 40 feet, Bert Kopenhaver, who had leased the mine from Hand, found the beautiful spiderweb turquoise that made Lone Mountain one of the top mines in the Southwest.  Although it has change hands several times over the years, the mine still produces a small amount of quality material.  The Lone Mountain claim is currently owned by Gene Wadell and operated by Chris Lott.

Also known for exquisite, deep blue stones, the mine has historically produced some of the highest quality spiderweb turquoise in the world.  "Fossil turquoise" has also been found in the mine.  This was formed when ancient plants and sea shells dissolved, leaving only cavities that were later filled with turquoise deposits. Additionally, turquoise nuggets in moss agate have been found.  Because of its extraordinary hard nature, Lone Mountain turquoise has the ability to retain its rich color and is therefore a valuable addition to any jewelry collection.

About the artist:

Ray Lovato

The gift of humor is a blessing to those who have it, and to those of us exposed to the comic. From an early age, Steve and I have been blessed with the humor of Santa Domingo artist Ray Lovato. Not only does Ray create exceptional jewelry, he does it with wit and comedy. He always has an aura of happiness around him, and this attitude seems to spread, like a California fog, to those who know him. In addition to his artistic talents, Ray is also a gifted salesman. When he pulls up in front of the trading post we know that there is a good possibility that we will soon be parting company with our available cash.

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