Zuni Cornmaiden Fetish - Claudia Peina (#01)

Zuni Jewelry and Fetishes
Cornmaiden Fetish
1 1/4" x 3 1/4"

Claudia Pina recently discovered a massive piece of Mother-of-pearl in the shell bins of a Zuni N.M. supply house.  Her trained eye told her that this piece was exceptional.  Claudia knew just what to do with it.  To be sure, the resulting Corn Maiden carving is a stand-out piece of art.  Claudia has taken the time to accent the carving with tiny insets of Sleeping Beauty turquoise, coral and tiger's eye quartz.  Fruition is the theme here; may your corn grow tall and crops prove fruitful with the aid of this delightful sculpture.


Corn Spirits in Navajo Mythology

Then it was that they moved upward, leaving the dark world behind. They climbed on top of the Four Mountains, which grew upward with them, and they all moved up onto a lighter world. The Wind People brought seeds into the new world, and they planted them:



To the east, at White Mountain
To the south, at Blue Mountain
To the west, at Yellow Mountain
To the north, at Black Mountain

It was known about then that First Man was the spirit of White Corn. First Woman was the spirit of Yellow Corn. Their children also had spirit life within them and their names were Boy Blue Corn and Girl Many-Colored Corn. Together, these four decided how the earth should be divided. Pg. 73

Gift of the Gila Monster, Navajo Ceremonial Tales; 1993, Gerald Hausman.