Southwest Gem Grade Burnham Turquoise Necklace - Bruce Eckhardt (#17)

Southwest Jewelry
Handcut, shaped and strung natural, gem grade Burnham turquoise necklace
23 1/2" long

Bruce Woods and his D-9 Caterpillar tractor have been scraping off that hilltop, near Austin, Nevada, for quite some time now.  On rare occasion he uncovers a trace of super high grade, natural material that gets those of us interested in such things rather excited.  Such was the case with the Burnham turquoise found in this tab necklace.  Bruce Eckhardt just happened to be trippin' by the mine soon after Brother Woods excavated this cache of beautifully colored and matrixed material.  Lucky for Bruce and Bruce, beneficial for us and fortuitous for the world of individuals aroused by top grade turquoise.