14k Gold Old Kingman Turquoise Pendant - Michael Barajas (#09)

Shoshone/Anglo Jewelry
14k Gold Pendant set with Natural Old Kingman Turquoise
1 3/8" tall x 2 1/4" wide x 1/4" thick


Micheal Barajas has created an exquisite 14k gold Bear Paw Pendant featuring Kingman turquoise. The pendant takes its name from powerful bear paws that grace the back. This is an extraordinary stone that is not overwhelmed by its setting. The stone has the power of the bear inherent in its deep color and spidery matrix patterns.

Kingman Turquoise

Kingman Turquoise comes from a large open-pit copper mine in the Mineral Park Mining District, northwest of Kingman, Arizona and was one of the largest turquoise mines in this country. The area lies in high desert country at an elevation of 3,345 feet and is surrounded by three mountain ranges. The mining district around Kingman, Arizona has always been a large producer of turquoise, at one time the world's largest. First mined by Indians, this area was home to the most extensive prehistoric workings found in Arizona.

The modern production of turquoise dates back to the early 1880¹s when James Haas rediscovered these ancient Kingman area mines. Much of the turquoise occurred as seams, masses and veins. The color of natural Kingman turquoise can range from light blue to very dark blue and sometimes tints of green. The matrix is from white, light brown to black and frequently flecked with pyrite and sometimes quartz. The mine became famous for its rounded, bright blue nuggets with black matrix. Few turquoise mines produced nuggets, especially of this quality. In its high-grade form it has always been considered among the top quality American turquoise. With so many thousands of pounds of good quality turquoise produced in the Kingman area over the last one hundred years it is hard to believe that today very little high-grade Kingman turquoise is available.

Other names for Kingman turquoise: Ithaca Peak , The Wall, Tiffany, Courtland, Az., Gleeson

Most desirable: Deep Blue with molybdenum pyrite; Real blue with pyrite; Bird's eye; Water Web; Nuggets