Zuni Antler Deer & Fawns Fetish - Max Laate (#02)

Zuni Fetishes
1 7/8" tall x 3/4" wide



Eating certain parts of deer will cause illness: head; nosebleed and head swelling, heart; bleeding, digestive; turn into a snake. Pg. 42

Navajo Chantway Myths, 1957; Katherine Spencer.

Don't urinate on a deerskin. You'll clog up. Pg. 84

Navajo Taboos; 1991, Ernie Bulow.

Deer and elk, as also animals allied to them, are hunted for their hides and sinew, which figure largely in the manufacture of the costume and ceremonial appliances. Pg. 139

An Ethnologic Dictionary of the Navajo Language; 1910, The Franciscan Fathers.

Deer and rare game (dini') are symbolical of hunting power and methods-stalking, killing and butchering, propitiation of the animal spirit, and restrictions. Though hunting is almost extinct, having been supplanted by pastoral pursuits, it still occupies a major position in the ritualistic pattern (Hill 1938, pp. 96ff.; Goddard, p. 162; Matthews 1887, pp. 391-2; 1897,
pp. 70, 154; Newcomb 1940b, p. 59; Reichard, Shooting Chant ms.).

Navajo Religion, Vol II; Gladys A. Reichard, 1950