Southwestern 14K Gold & Bisbee Turquoise Bracelet - Don Dale (#04)

Southwest Jewelry
6 1/4" Total Circumference
5 1/2" Inner Circumference
1" Opening

Don Dale is a transplant from the Missouri hill country. He is a self-taught silver and goldsmith who has become a master. Don has been generous enough to share his skills with numerous other artists, which has helped our local artist community a great deal. This 14k gold, Tufa cast bracelet is set with two exquisitely matched cabochons of gem-grade Bisbee turquoise. The saturation and depth of color in these stones, along with a stunning matrix pattern make for a lively and exciting display of this world-famous mineral. Top-quality workmanship with outrageous turquoise best describes this piece.


Bisbee Turquoise

Bisbee turquoise is considered one of the classics. The most recognized variety is a dark lavender blue color with a deep chocolate brown to black matrix. As with all turquoise, there is a wide variety of quality from the Bisbee mine; color and matrix patterns vary a great deal. Some of the most distinctively recognizable Indian jewelry has been set and photographed containing classic Bisbee turquoise. The most productive period of the Bisbee turquoise mine was the 1950's and 1960's. Anything coming from the mine these days is scavenged from the old dumps. The mine has been closed since the early 1970's and is currently owned by Phelps Dodge Corp. Bisbee Mine. Arizona, Cochise County. Turquoise is found in the open pit copper mine. (The Lavender Pit) Some very fine quality, hard turquoise is found here with good color and beautiful dark-colored matrix. It is found as stringers up to a few inches wide; small nugget-like masses in granite and quartzite; and minute stringers in massive pyrite.