Horned Toad Hatband by Ben Yazzie, Jr. (#32)

Horned Toad Hatband by Ben Yazzie, Jr
Horned Toad Hatband by Ben Yazzie, Jr
Horned Toad Hatband by Ben Yazzie, Jr

Horned Toad Hatband by Ben Yazzie, Jr. (#32)


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28" with 16 toads

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It takes a special hat to show off this splendid Horned Toad hatband by our friend Ben Yazzie. There are 15 baby toads, with one momma representing the buckle. Each toad is individually cut out, stamped and soldered together, and everyone seems to have their own personality. Your personality will shine when you place this unique hatband around your dressiest bonnet.

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When and how the Navajo acquired the art of working metals is unknown but there are reasons for supposing that it was introduced among them, or at least more developed and improved upon by them, since the time they have occupied their present country?

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