Mother Earth, Father Sky Tapestry by Luanna Tso (#58)

Mother Earth, Father Sky Tapestry by Luanna Tso
Mother Earth, Father Sky Tapestry by Luanna Tso
Mother Earth, Father Sky Tapestry by Luanna Tso

Mother Earth, Father Sky Tapestry by Luanna Tso (#58)


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37" x 37"

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Mother Earth/Father Sky is a sandpainting used in the Male Shootingway healing chant and is recognized for its power and beauty. Perhaps no other iconography better illustrates the Navajo’s view of the universe and its creation. Mother Earth displays the four sacred plants of the Navajo people and Father Sky presents the Sun, Moon, and various constellations. Luana Tso has once again produced a superior weaving with compelling subject matter.

About the artist:

Luana Tso Luana Tso has had a dream for many years now, and it is woven into each one of her Navajo rugs. She has three sons, and for each she dreams of a college education. This bright hope for her children's future keeps her at her loom from eight to fourteen hours a day, weaving traditional patterns, all the while trusting that her efforts will develop a new tradition for her family: higher education. See full biography | See all items by Luana Tso

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Mother Earth, Father Sky
I have chosen to focus on the "Mother Earth, Father Sky" sandpainting from the Male Shootingway partly because it presents the most detailed depiction of the Navajo heavens of the sandpaintings used today. In addition, since this sandpainting can only be used on the final day of the ceremonial, it embodies the Navajo concept of increase through accumulation. Chanters consider this painting to be a particularly powerful one? More about this legend

Male Shooting Way
The story of the Male Shooting Way tells of the travels and adventures of twin brothers and their acquisition of ceremonial powers by contacts with supernaturals. The two principal versions (Newcomb and Reichard 1975, Reichard 1977:37-73) begin with familiar portions of the war god story from the general origin myth, but the sequence of incidents following upon this varies somewhat in the two versions? More about this legend

After the medicine woman told the people about the prayersticks she told them that there was a place in the underworld where two rivers crossed. It was called ni tqin'kae tsosi, fine fiber cotton (Indian hemp). There were two persons who brought the seed of that plant, they were spiders. They said that the people were to use the plant instead of skins for their clothing. So this seed was planted in the earth? More about this legend

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