Ceremonial Star Basket by Peggy Black (#453)

Ceremonial Star Basket by Peggy Black
Ceremonial Star Basket by Peggy Black
Ceremonial Star Basket by Peggy Black

Ceremonial Star Basket by Peggy Black (#453)

Signature of Navajo Basket Weaver Peggy Black


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18 1/2"

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What is black and white and red all over? (No, not a newspaper.) In this case, it is Peggy Black’s energetic combination of a ceremonial pattern laid over a star design. She combines one of the oldest Navajo images, the wedding basket, with the graphic power of a radiating star.

About the artist:

Navajo Basket Artist Peggy Black

One of the famous Douglas Mesa basket weavers, there wasn't much question about what Peggy Rock Black would choose to pursue in life. She was born into a family of weavers before she married into an equally talented family of weavers.

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The division of the year into twelve months may also have been superimposed on traditional Navajo concepts. This may be why only some of the months have specific constellations associated with them. Four of the months were said to have feather headdresses? More about this legend

Navajo Ceremonial Baskets
The Navajo wedding basket also reflects many values of traditional life and so often contains all six sacred mountains, including Huerfano and Gobernador Knob, though the size of the basket may determine the numher of mountains in the design. The center spot in the basket represents the beginning of this world, where the Navajo people emerged from a reed? More about this legend

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