Yei Vase by Nancy Chilly (#76)

Yei Vase by Nancy Chilly
Yei Vase by Nancy Chilly
Yei Vase by Nancy Chilly

Yei Vase by Nancy Chilly (#76)


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8 1/2" tall

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Nancy Chilly is originally from Sweetwater, Arizona, the home of a great many creative artists and craft persons. She uses the age-old method of digging her own clay, forming it into vessels, and pit firing, using wood and sheep manure. After decorating the vase with images of Yeis, she strains melted pinion gum to produce the distinctive Navajo pottery finish.

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Every creature, every aspect of nature has its holy people . . . . even the stinkbug. Sometimes you can see them, if only for an instant. They are represented, some of them, by colors: the blue sky, the evening dusk, the night these are holy people and one prays to them. There are iron people, crystal people, then the other rocks "and such people." There are dawn people, twilight people, air, thunder, and cloud people. One does not talk about such things in nature when they and their holy people are present.

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The Navajo are relatively recent arrivals to the Southwest. They probably migrated from the north in the 16th Century thereby becoming a part of the Pueblo IV period. The Navajo have made pottery since their arrival; possibly they brought pottery with them during their southern migration. They made a plain and decorated pottery. The plain being considered the older style? More about this legend

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