Wood Carving Set, "The Argument" by Marvin Jim (#389)

Wood Carving Set,
Wood Carving Set,
Wood Carving Set,

Wood Carving Set,


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15 1/2" high

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Marvin Jim has carved a wonderful set of figures we have dubbed “the Argument.” The Poppa Bear has obviously lost his temper (and the argument) to the cool and collected Lady Wolf. These masterful carvings contain all the fundamental elements of Navajo Folk Art with their bright colors, asymmetrical lines, and whimsical humor.

About the artist:

Marvin Jim

Marvin Jim - Animal Sculptures:
Based upon the Navajo creation tales, the sculptures of Marvin Jim reflect a time long ago, when animals and humans walked and worked together to create a new world. These traditional stories speak of conversations among all beings, of behaving in a manner of mutual respect and of all beings having an equal position in the community. These legends are an essential part of the Navajo culture. The tales are of universal interaction, compassion and tolerance; the things necessary to live a balanced existence.

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