"The Arizona Pendant" by James A. Olson (#370)


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3 7/8"

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Jamie calls this his “Arizona Pendant” and his description of the piece tells the story behind its creation. “It is sterling silver, constructed with sheet and wire. The large piece at the bottom is Canyon Diablo nickel and iron meteorite found near Leppeston, Arizona. Above it is a circle of copper ore hailing from Arizona, “the Copper State.” The blue stone is Sleeping Beauty turquoise from Globe, Arizona. The red on top is carnelian, not from Arizona, but being as Arizona is the Sun Belt, the piece had to have some ‘sun shine.’”

About the artist:

James A. Olson James A. Olson - Jewelry/Sculpture Artist:
"About my work, or lack of, it chose me as much as I chose it. Asked where I get my ideas, I can't really say for sure. I'm thankful I get them once in awhile, and have the basic skills to carry them through to a satisfactory condition, at that point and time. I'm blessed, I love what I do, it's a passion. When that love and passion is not there, I'll do something else." See full biography | See all items by James A. Olson

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