Royston Turquoise Pendant by Will Denetdale (#297)

Royston Turquoise Pendant by Will Denetdale
Royston Turquoise Pendant by Will Denetdale
Royston Turquoise Pendant by Will Denetdale

Royston Turquoise Pendant by Will Denetdale (#297)


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Incredibly, in these modern times, natural Royston turquoise is still available. Most of the old turquoise mines have been blasted, turned to gravel, and processed for their precious metals content. The Royston claims, albeit limited, still produce high-grade turquoise. Will Denetdale was presented with these two matched cabochons and asked to show them off to their full potential. The starburst design he came up with does just that. When the stars align and a superior turquoise and an amazingly talented silversmith are brought together, a transference of that magical energy can occur.

About the artist:

Will Denetdale

Will Denetdale - Navajo Jewelry:
One of the most talented Navajo gold and silversmiths currently producing jewelry, Will Denetdale is making an indelible mark in the world of Native American art. His name is becoming famous in his trade; his art a standard by which other pieces may be judged. Will's success as an artist is proportionate to his devotion, and Will Denetdale lives to make jewelry.

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Turquoise; Precious stones have symbolic implications. For example, turquoise if a "collective term for all the precious stones, wealth, or mixed offerings. Good fortune is attributed to this stone." Both white shell and turquoise are emphasized in Kinaalda? More about this legend

Silversmith Work

When and how the Navajo acquired the art of working metals is unknown but there are reasons for supposing that it was introduced among them, or at least more developed and improved upon by them, since the time they have occupied their present country?

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