Hopi Maiden Wood Carving by Dennis Ross (#84)

Hopi Maiden Wood Carving by Dennis Ross
Hopi Maiden Wood Carving by Dennis Ross
Hopi Maiden Wood Carving by Dennis Ross

Hopi Maiden Wood Carving by Dennis Ross (#84)


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25" high

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Navajo/Hopi sculptor Dennis Ross told us that he discovered the perfect piece of cottonwood root washed up on the banks of the San Juan River just south of Bluff. It took him three months to dry it out and another month to carve away the excess wood and reveal the Hopi Maiden hidden within. The smooth, graceful lines and detailed etching are perfectly executed and the minimalistic application of paint is just right. As soon as Dennis left the trading post, he headed right back to the familiar banks of the San Juan in hopes of finding another piece of root so that he can release its inner beauty.

About the artist:

Hopi/Navajo Folk Artist Dennis Ross

Asked how he first started carving, Dennis Ross answers with a laugh, "My brother - he gave me a knife, and a stone, and a piece of carving wood, and said, 'Here you go'." Dennis was twenty-six years old. His brother, Harry Bert, also gave him a little constructive criticism on that first experiment into the creative world of carving, but Dennis took it from there.

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