Red Mesa Tapestry by Bessie Coggeshell (#74)

Red Mesa Tapestry by Bessie Coggeshell
Red Mesa Tapestry by Bessie Coggeshell
Red Mesa Tapestry by Bessie Coggeshell

Red Mesa Tapestry by Bessie Coggeshell (#74)

Signature of Navajo Rug Artist Bessie Coggeshell


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21" x 30"

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For nearly two years now, Bessie Coggeshell has been battling cataracts. With blurred vision she was unable to weave her fabulous rugs. Bessie had the surgery done on both eyes and is back weaving with a passion. When she brought this textile in, her smile was as big as the moon and twice as bright. Bessie weaves rugs that originated on the Red Mesa portion of Navajo land; they are based on cultural stories associated with female energy. If this weaving does not show the purely positive force Bessie projects, we do not know what does.

About the artist:

Navajo Rug Weaver Bessie Coggeshell

Bessie Coggleshell has been weaving for nearly five decades, but she is still enthusiastic about her rugs. When asked which of her finished rugs is her favorite, she answers, "I liked all of them."

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