"Stands Her Ground" Pin and Pendant by James A. Olson (#364)


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1 1/2" x 1 1/4"

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This girl has plenty of attitude. Anglo artist Jamie Olson has hand-fabricated this sassy broach from ancient Anasazi pottery sherds of 700 to 1,000 years of age. With such simple materials as sterling silver, Four Corners-region Black-on-red pottery pieces, and Utah jet, Jamie has created a beautifully sophisticated piece of wearable art. Leave it to Jamie to make a piece of jewelry from ancient refuse and give it a cheeky demeanor to boot.

About the artist:

James A. Olson James A. Olson - Jewelry/Sculpture Artist:
"About my work, or lack of, it chose me as much as I chose it. Asked where I get my ideas, I can't really say for sure. I'm thankful I get them once in awhile, and have the basic skills to carry them through to a satisfactory condition, at that point and time. I'm blessed, I love what I do, it's a passion. When that love and passion is not there, I'll do something else." See full biography | See all items by James A. Olson

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