Three-Piece Sand Painting Set by Hosteen Etsity (#42)

Three-Piece Sand Painting Set by Hosteen Etsity
Three-Piece Sand Painting Set by Hosteen Etsityv
Three-Piece Sand Painting Set by Hosteen Etsity

Three-Piece Sand Painting Set by Hosteen Etsity (#42)


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7" x 7" (2 pieces) and 9" x 9"

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Daniel Smith (aka, Hasteen Etsitty) is a sand painter extraordinary. Hasteen has been creating finely detailed paintings of natural sand for nearly fifty years now. His degree of detail is fascinating and descriptive of the ceremonial culture of his people. With this three-piece set, Hasteen portrays The Holy People, Sacred Thunder Birds, and Winter Buffalo People. Even the frames are handmade with sand in the paint to give them more texture and dimension.

About the artist:

Hosteen Etsitty

Hosteen grew up in Shiprock, New Mexico on the Navajo reservation and first learned the art of Navajo Sandpainting at the age of 17 from elders within the spiritual community.  Since then, Hosteen has been perfecting the art of Navajo Sandpainting for more than 25 years.  Navajo Sandpaintings are an integral part of the Navajo culture and Navajo healing ceremonies conducted by Navajo Medicine Men or Women, who create temporary traditional sandpaintings on the Hogan dirt floor, using various natural colors of sand to create paintings depicting Navajo deities, animals, plants, planetary beings, astronomical beings and other earthly and universal beings depicted in Navajo Creation stories.  Navajo sanpaintings are used to absorb the negative or evil spirits that may reside within a person who is ill or who is in  need of their spirit being brought back into balance and harmony within themselves and their surroundings, in mind, body and spirit, to once again become one with the universe and the Creator.  At the completion of the ceremony, the temporary sandpainting is erased and the sand used is gathered together and buried toward the north, where Navajos believe the negative spirits dwell.

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The gods' sandpaintings are kept on deerskin or on sheets of sky or naska rather than being made new in sand each time. The picture cannot be given in this form to men who are not as "good" as the gods; "They might quarrel over the picture and tear it, and that would bring misfortune; the black cloud would not come again, the rain would not fall; the corn would not grow."? More about this legend

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