Duality Basket by Elsie Holiday (#459)

Duality Basket by Elsie Holiday
Duality Basket by Elsie Holiday
Duality Basket by Elsie Holiday

Duality Basket by Elsie Holiday (#459)

Signature of Navajo Basket Weaver Elsie Holiday


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9 3/4"

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Equilateral crosses are common in Navajo art and culture. They represent duality in all things, including aspects of harmony and balance in the human and deific forms. You will see this symbol depicting Holy People in stars, on mountain tops, and as Spider Man and Spider Woman, the deities that taught the Navajo people to weave. What is uncommon in Navajo art is how Elsie Holidays can take such a simple design and make it elegant. Elsie rarely weaves small baskets; hers are generally large and grandiose in design. With this modest weaving, Elsie conveys the meaning behind the symbol in a most graphically pleasing manner.

About the artist:

Navajo Basket Weaver Elsie Holiday

Considered one of the best Navajo basket weavers, Elsie Stone Holiday married into the famed Douglas Mesa family of weavers. Weaving baskets has become almost an addiction for her. "When I go two or three days without weaving I get anxious to get started again," she says. She weaves 12 hours a day, 5 days a week. "Sometimes I think, 'How long can this last?'", she wistfully states, but for now she is content with her art, finding immense satisfaction in creating premier quality baskets.

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Basketry is a woman's industry, which is also pursued by the nadle (he changes), hermaphrodites, or men skilled in the arts and industries of both men and women. Basketry, however, is not classified with textile fabrics (yistl'o), but with sewing (nalkhad). It is of interest also that, while the basket is in progress, the sewer is untouched and avoided by the members of her family?

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