Cedar Wood Flute by Kay Harris (#019)

Cedar Wood Flute by Kay Harris
Cedar Wood Flute by Kay Harris
Cedar Wood Flute by Kay Harris

Cedar Wood Flute by Kay Harris (#019)


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Kay Harris is one of those people who stays busy all the time. This guy is an extraordinary woodworker, musician, guide, outfitter, and cattleman. Because of his outdoor lifestyle, Kay is a tad weatherworn and sunburnt, but his careful craftsmanship shows none of that kind of wear and tear. Kay’s flutes are a thing of beauty and have a range of tone from that of a whispering wind to the shrill of a song bird. His flutes are played and appreciated by several professional flutists of the Native American-style, such as John Huling and Carlos Nakai.

About the artist:

Kay Harris

Kay Harris - Flute Carver: is a bit of sage, sand, river, wind and rock, worn and weathered by thirty years of navigating rivers, hiking canyons, and climbing sandstone cliffs in Southern Utah. His flutes are an expression of his love for the Earth.

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