Yei Weaving, unknown artist (#75)

Yei Weaving, unknown artist
Yei Weaving, unknown artist
Yei Weaving, unknown artist

Yei Weaving, unknown artist (#75)


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45" x 52"

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This 1970s Navajo weaving is completely handmade and woven. From the shearing of the sheep, cleaning, carding, and spinning of the wool to dying the fibers with vegetable agents to weaving the rug. Every aspect of its creation is of the land and by the hand. The design depicts the Holy People; the Yei-be-chei were gifted by the gods to guard and protect the Navajo people from harm and disease. Artists honor these sacred beings by weaving them into their textiles. Blessings are bestowed upon the weaver and their family if the Yei’s are pleased with the outcome. There must have come much pleasure and blessings when the Holy People saw this wonderful rug.

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Every creature, every aspect of nature has its holy people . . . . even the stinkbug. Sometimes you can see them, if only for an instant. They are represented, some of them, by colors: the blue sky, the evening dusk, the night these are holy people and one prays to them. There are iron people, crystal people, then the other rocks "and such people." There are dawn people, twilight people, air, thunder, and cloud people. One does not talk about such things in nature when they and their holy people are present.

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After the medicine woman told the people about the prayersticks she told them that there was a place in the underworld where two rivers crossed. It was called ni tqin'kae tsosi, fine fiber cotton (Indian hemp). There were two persons who brought the seed of that plant, they were spiders. They said that the people were to use the plant instead of skins for their clothing. So this seed was planted in the earth? More about this legend

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