Yei Rug by Jessie Yazzie (#001)

Yei Rug by Jessie Yazzie
Yei Rug by Jessie Yazzie
Yei Rug by Jessie Yazzie

Yei Rug by Jessie Yazzie (#001)


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43" x 59"

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The Yei rug was woven by Navajo weaver Jessie Yazzie in the mid-1980s and was originally sold through the Blue Mountain Trading Post. It spent the last thirty-plus years in the San Francisco Bay area in the collection of attorney Harley Spitler. Harley loved this weaving, but when his family came into possession, they did not share his passion for the piece. We were more than happy to accept it back into the fold. Because this rug is completely hand-spun and woven with vegetable dyes, it portrays a strong sense of Navajo culture and tradition. Jessie’s rug is welcome here, and we look forward to seeing what loving and appreciative home it might go to.

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