Square Wire Bracelet by John Begay, Jr. (#088)

Square Wire Bracelet by John Begay, Jr.
Square Wire Bracelet by John Begay, Jr.
Square Wire Bracelet by John Begay, Jr.

Square Wire Bracelet by John Begay, Jr. (#088)


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5 7/8" with 1 1/4" opening

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John Begay, Jr., turns sterling silver sheet, square wire, and tiny balls into wonderful objects of personal adornment. With loops, swirls, and just a small amount of stamp work, John creates bits and pieces with intricate detail. Then he fires up his acetylene torch and delicately solders those design elements in place. John has to be very careful when buffing and polishing such small essential elements. His goal is to bring out the intricacies without buffing them away. The finished product is as you see it, outstanding!

About the artist:

John Begay, Jr. John Begay Jr. - Navajo Silversmith:
A quietly modest and unassuming man, John Begay Jr. does not personally sign his work. Instead he uses the Monsterslayer hallmark - a mythical being from Navajo legend- as his signature. Being a silver smith is John's chosen profession, something he has had to work at. He has been working at it for a quarter century and his jewelry reflect his experience and his love for his art. Each piece is uniquely his. One does not need to see the Monster Slayer hallmark to recognize John's unique style and excellent craftsmanship, his pieces speak for themselves. See full biography | See all items by John Begay, Jr.

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Silversmith Work

When and how the Navajo acquired the art of working metals is unknown but there are reasons for supposing that it was introduced among them, or at least more developed and improved upon by them, since the time they have occupied their present country?

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