Duality Cross Basket by Joann Johnson (#134)

Duality Cross Basket by Joann Johnson
Duality Cross Basket by Joann Johnson
Duality Cross Basket by Joann Johnson

Duality Cross Basket by Joann Johnson (#134)

Signature of Navajo Basket Weaver Joann Johnson


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Joann Johnson claims that in all things, it takes two halves to make a whole. “Whether you are talking about people, forces of nature or your emotional state,” says Joann, “Even mountains, stars, plants and animals have male, female, positive and negative sides.” Working with this theme of harmony and balance in mind, Joann has woven this attractive basket which features duality stars along with elements of the traditional ceremonial basket which portray the Navajo universe. A simple, yet attractive, example of Joann’s cultural interpretation of the world.

About the artist:

Navajo Basket Weaver Joann Johnson

A fourth generation Navajo basket weaver, Joann Johnson has a passionate awareness of her heritage and history. Born and raised in Monument Valley, she has spent her life in the Navajo heartland, surrounded by the sacred mountains and monuments that tell the stories of her people's past.

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Basketry is a woman's industry, which is also pursued by the nadle (he changes), hermaphrodites, or men skilled in the arts and industries of both men and women. Basketry, however, is not classified with textile fabrics (yistl'o), but with sewing (nalkhad). It is of interest also that, while the basket is in progress, the sewer is untouched and avoided by the members of her family?

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