Maize Tapestry by Helena Begay (#78)

Maize Tapestry by Helena Begay
Maize Tapestry by Helena Begay
Maize Tapestry by Helena Begay

Maize Tapestry by Helena Begay (#78)


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26 1/2" x 27 1/2"

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Corn is one of the most significant of the four sacred plants. The Navajo believe that they were created from corn and use it as a metaphor to help explain their emergence into this world, connections to the past, and hopes for the future. With this textile, Helena Begay has adapted a Serena Supplee watercolor design to show a small cross-section of this deliciously fruitful plant.

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Corn Spirits in Navajo Mythology

Then it was that they moved upward, leaving the dark world behind. They climbed on top of the Four Mountains, which grew upward with them, and they all moved up onto a lighter world. The Wind People brought seeds into the new world, and they planted them:?

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Corn in Navajo Traditional Life

The Supernaturals also warn him of taboos connected with the use of corn. It should not be cooked until it is ripe nor eaten before it is fully cooked, or frost and floods will damage the crop. In the "vigil of the corn" ceremony the corn is fed with dried meat; if it were to be fed with corn it would thus consume itself, just as feeding meat to the masks would cause men to eat each other. When giving this warning Talking God refers to the time that ugly woman fed corn to the corn with result that " the people starved and men ate the flesh of other men."?

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After the medicine woman told the people about the prayersticks she told them that there was a place in the underworld where two rivers crossed. It was called ni tqin'kae tsosi, fine fiber cotton (Indian hemp). There were two persons who brought the seed of that plant, they were spiders. They said that the people were to use the plant instead of skins for their clothing. So this seed was planted in the earth? More about this legend

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