Rainbow Yei Bolo by Robert Taylor (#67)

Rainbow Yei Bolo by Robert Taylor
Rainbow Yei Bolo by Robert Taylor
Rainbow Yei Bolo by Robert Taylor

Rainbow Yei Bolo by Robert Taylor (#67)


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22 1/5" length

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Rainbow Yeis are believed to be the guardians of the Glittering World, the place that is the home of the Deities. The Yei is depicted carrying a rattle in the right hand and a coyote skin in the left. With this bolo, Robert Taylor has captured the essence of Rainbow Yeis in gold and silver.

About the artist:

Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor - Silver & Goldsmith:
"Cluster, channel, leaf, inlay, casting... I've done about everything," Robert Taylor talks about his silver and goldsmithing, "There's a lot of artists that do it." And then he confides the reason he has set himself apart from other craftsmen. "I didn't really get anywhere until I decided to design my own style."

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