"Tour of the Southwest" Necklace by Kai Gallagher (#011)


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In the world of Southwestern lapidary arts, Kai Gallagher rose to prominence about fifteen years ago. She worked under the tutelage of Bruce Eckhardt, who has a highly trained eye and passion for high-grade and natural turquoise. Bruce trained Kai well in the creation of beautiful beads; her attention to detail is exquisite. This necklace is made up of natural turquoise from several different prominent American mines, including Tyrone, Orville Jack, Carico Lake, Damale, Kingman, Morenci, and Royston. Included are beads of lapis lazuli, coral, spiny oyster, and Damale verascite. Kai labeled her necklace, “Tour of the Southwest.” For the last ten years or so, the necklace has resided with a collector in the northwest, who wore it only on a few special occasions. Although Kai has disappeared from the scene, her amazing necklace is a welcome representation of a bygone artist and era.

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