Tree of Life Weaving by Helena Begay (#74)

Tree of Life Weaving by Helena Begay
Tree of Life Weaving by Helena Begay
Tree of Life Weaving by Helena Begay

Tree of Life Weaving by Helena Begay (#74)


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32" x 38"

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Birds, birds, colorful birds, and bees, lots of them. This is the concept for Helena Begay’s most recent Tree of Life weaving. Helena has put all the birds and all the colors she could conceive of into this work and what a beauty it is. This is surely a collectable when it comes to Navajo rugs. Corn symbolized fruition, its strength and enduring nature was rooted in the past; pollen was prayer; the song of small birds was a spiritual event; and the importance of sacred ceremony was represented by a traditional basket.  Helena is an exceptional weaver of the Tree of Life design which portrays the Navajo people's connection to the past and their hope for the future through corn, colorful birds, bees, and historical references. Helena Begay represents these thoughts eloquently in this artistic rug weaving.

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Small Birds
Ayazh, or ayazh altqas'ai, various small birds, is a general name for the smaller varicolored birds which have no special name. They are said to have been produced from the feathers of the monstrous eagle, tsenahale'. Their feathers, and those of the blue and yellow bird are added to the ket'an, prayersticks, to the masks, and otherwise. More about this legend

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is one of the most unique and interesting of Navajo myths and legends. It is an interpretation of where the people came from, their beliefs in the progression and movement of life, connections with their surroundings and the involvement of their deities. It is a metaphor for who they are and the life they lead. At the base of the corn plant there is a symbol for the emergence or center of all things.

More about this legend

After the medicine woman told the people about the prayersticks she told them that there was a place in the underworld where two rivers crossed. It was called ni tqin'kae tsosi, fine fiber cotton (Indian hemp). There were two persons who brought the seed of that plant, they were spiders. They said that the people were to use the plant instead of skins for their clothing. So this seed was planted in the earth? More about this legend

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