Various Birds

The greater number of waterfowl and shore birds are sacred. The Navajo do not eat them, with the exception of the turtledove.

Roundbill Crane, Sandhill Crane, Twigbill Crane, Ducks, Geese, Blue Heron, White Heron, Swan, Mourning Dove, Snipe Pigeon, Snowy Egret, Red Breasted Bluebird, Swallow.

Pg. 160

Water animals are sacred and figure in many rites. The skin of the beaver and otter were used in making highly prized headbands, while the fur of beaver and muskrat still decorates some rattles. It is said that these animals were quite plentiful on the banks of the rivers, and the skins were often bartered from neighboring Indians. Pg.156

An Ethnologic Dictionary of the Navajo Langauge, 1929; The Franciscan Fathers.