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Every creature, every aspect of nature has its holy people . . . . even the stinkbug. Sometimes you can see them, if only for an instant. They are represented, some of them, by colors: the blue sky, the evening dusk, the night these are holy people and one prays to them. There are iron people, crystal people, then the other rocks "and such people." There are dawn people, twilight people, air, thunder, and cloud people. One does not talk about such things in nature when they and their holy people are present.

Navajo Yei Bi Chei Dancer Rug - Anna Grey

Navajo Yei Bi Chei Dancer Rug - Anna Grey (#02)


Navajo Four Directional Yeis Rug by Jean Yazzie

Navajo Four Directional Yeis Rug - Jean Yazzie (#003)


Navajo Humpback Yei Rug by Luana Tso

Navajo Humpback Yei Rug - Luana Tso (#29)


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Navajo Handspun Wool Yei Rug (#50)


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