First Man

In the East, at the place where the Black Cloud and the White Cloud met, First Man, Atse'hastqin, was formed; and with him was formed the white corn, perfect in shape, with kernels covering the whole ear. Dohonot i'ni is the name of this first seed corn, and it is also the name of the place where the Black Cloud and the White Cloud met. Pg.1

First Man stood on the eastern side of the first world. He represented the Dawn and was the life giver. Pg.2

1- Informant's note: Five names were given to this First World in its relation to First Man. It was called Dark Earth, Ni'hodilqil ; Red Earth, Ni'halchi ; One Speech, Sada hat lai ; Floating Island, Ni'ta na elth ; and One Tree, De east'da eith. Pg. 1

First Man's name, Aste'hastqin, corresponds to the sacred name of the kit fox. Pg. 9

The Dine': Origin Myths of the Navajo Indians, 1956; Aileen O'Bryan.

First Man and First Woman are two of the more important of the Holy People. First Man assigned the different animals to their postions in the world; he caused light and dark to come about; together with First Woman, he reared Changing Woman. Pg. 62

Sitting on the Blue-Eyed Bear, Navajo Myths and Legends; 1975, Gerald Hausman.