Water Sprinkler

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Water Sprinkler often accompanies Black God, but he appears too with Talking God.  Water Sprinkler is said to be the same as Blue Body of the fourth world.  He is the rain bringer and water carrier of the gods.  The jar of collected water is his symbol in story and sandpainting ceremony, though, curiously enough, he does not carry it in the masked impersonations.  Water Sprinkler controls the rain and water.  He causes rain by sprinkling the collected waters in his jar in the four directions.  He can separate and walk through deep or underground waters.

In the Night Chant he is impersonated as a clown.  His clothing is of inferior quality because he "might get wet."  He is usually out of step with the other dancers.  He gets in their way, peers about while the others concentrate on song and steps, moves away to inspect little things among the audience, or sits on the ground with his hands clasped around his knees and rocks his body too and fro.  Sometimes he dances with the group, concentrating so seriously that he does not notice they have left the dance place; then discovering that he is alone he runs after them as fast as he can go.  Sometimes he carries the skin of a small animal which he drops and pretends to not notice.  Suddenly he hunts everywhere for it in great agitation, although it lies in plain sight.  When, after much tomfoolery,  he finds it, he jumps on it as if trying to kill.  At length he lifts it like a heavy burden and carries it away on his back.    He is said to act like this because he is pleased with what is being done in the ceremony.

One of Water Creatures duties, besides separating deep waters, is to extinguish fires made by Black God; in addition, he is always sent to investigate things in the water.  He went to see what stopped the whirling log at and eddy and found a dam but could not find the people who had made it.  When the Fringed Mouths discovered it had been the Flat Tails, he helped to negotiate with them.  When the log stopped again, Water Sprinkler found the people who had made the dam.

Water Sprinkler taught the visionary of the Night Chant how to prepare and preserve products of his garden.  Nearly all the gods officiate in some capacity at the bath rite of novices.  At one of Rainboy's baths, numerous gods participated; the yucca roots had been pounded on one side and they were supposed to stand upright.  Water Sprinkler volunteered to hold them up.  Changing Woman made suds while Talking God sang, Water Sprinkler poured water into the basket, and Changing Woman removed the yucca roots.

Water Sprinkler lived at Big Willow, a long from Talking God's home in the canyon, but when anything happened that concerned them both, they met for consultation in between.

Gladys A Reichard . Navajo Religion . Vol II . pp. 491 - 493

View all products related to this legend

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