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After his disappointing experience with the rabbit, the coyote was more discouraged than ever.  He walked along with dropping head, wishing for some stroke of luck to cheer him up.

Just then he noticed some birds playing a very unusual game.  He became extremely interested and stopped to watch them.  In this game the birds took their own eyes out, threw them into a tree, and then caught them in their sockets again as they came down.  They would do this first with the right eye, then with the left eye, and finally with both eyes at the same time.

The coyote thought it was a wonderful game and asked the birds if he might play, too.  But none of them liked the coyote and they didn’t want him to join in their sport.  They told him he didn’t know how to play that game and that he had better move on.

However, the coyote did not go.  He thought the game was great fun and was very eager to take part in it.  He begged so long that the birds finally permitted him to join their party and try his skill.

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